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Geminis dating aquaius

Together they make things fresh and steady in any relationship they share and usually end up as great friends irrespective of the real relationship they have with each other.Gemini people are child at heart and always remain so.The favorite pastime of Aquarians is delving into ones inner most core of a person to find out what is in there that they may learn about that person.Aquarians can never have awful prestige issues but their own independence and individuality is something they stand tall for.Both also have an erratic and unpredictable streak in their personalities - as long as they can temper this aspect of their characters, their great mental rapport and mutual love for intellectual stimulation should be able to override this and weather the storms.Of the two, Gemini is more adaptable and flexible in the relationship, whereas Aquarius is more strong-willed and inflexible by nature.These two air signs typically don't have a love at first sight attraction.

Astrology compatibility for Aquarius and Gemini is challenged in this area.They have a lot of opinions, thoughts, and ideas, and their default is to be sharing them — either out loud or by emailing, snapping, tweeting, etc. They adore — OK, more like variety and thus, are less likely to get stuck in a sex rut.3. Their communicative, social nature also means they probably have a big, diverse group of friends, so there will be constant party invites.You won't even miss Netflix and chilling when your Gemini's many connections are getting you into the hottest club and hanging with their cool crew.4. Don't be surprised if all week, you were expecting to go see a DNCE concert, but on Saturday at 6 p.m., your Gemini wants to go to the movies instead.Their smart and intellectual minds delegate what needs to be done and they sit back and let others do so.They move so fast from one thing to another that it’s difficult to keep an eye on them.

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They are intellectually strong but emotionally weak as they do not have any promising attachments.

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